Our fruits grow in our farms in the Uco Valley, including cherries, plums, peaches and quinces, which we use in our desserts and preserves. And of course, there also ripen our grapes, with which we make our wines. In the Villa Seca town estate, you will find our Experimental Winery and Space and Cantina Los Enamorados. And from 2020, we will reopen the Old Winery that we are rebuilding in the town of La Consulta.

Our Proposals:

“Un día en el Paraíso”

Farms are our place in the world, and our paradise. We want to share it with you, walking along a path where we will tell you about our history and our knowledge about the production of fruits and grapes. You can harvest the fruits with which we will make the desserts of the day.

This experience is available only at some times of the year.