Our Wines

Our wine collection is called the Tarot Series, and through them we intend to tell our stories and establish a dialogue with those who enjoy them. Each one is specially conceived, as if it were an individual, with its own personality. As unique beings that they are, some labels decide to stay with us and are repeated in several editions, and others we can only present them once, and then disappear.

El Mago blanco

(The white magician) Available only in some ocations when the grapes give us a special typicity. It is made following a traditional method. An aromatic and balanced acidity white wine that mixes citrus freshness and fruits such as peach and damask.


Los Enamorados

(The Lovers). A blend of Malbec and Merlot, two emblem varieties of the Uco Valley. Matured between 10 and 12 months in oak barrels. A wine with a body in the mouth, and ripe fruits and oak notes in the nose.


El Ermitaño

(The hermit) A classic wine of the Family. With a guard in oak barrels for 16 months or more. An elegant and smooth wine on the palate, with complex aromas that mix spices and ripe fruits.


El Loco

(Crazy) The first label that went on sale in our Tarot Series. A cut of three red varieties and with 8 months of aging in barrels. A wine with aromas of fruits and a touch of fresh acidity.


La Templanza

(Temperance) Five varietal cut, matured in French barrels for 24 months. A French-style wine, with complex and sweet aromas, coming from the long guard time.


El Emperador

Limited edition. Produced with an Italian variety almost disappeared in Argentina: Refosco. With two years of aging in French oak barrels, it is a powerful and corpulent wine, with intense aromas of blue fruits and oak notes.


La Estrella

This label changes every year. It is always a single barrel, selected by the family, which is chosen to be bottled separately. An iconic wine in the Uco Valley. Some versions have been "La Petite Ètoile" and "Epifania".


You can find some of our labels in select wine cellars in C.A.B.A and Santa Fé. The smallest editions can only be obtained in our winery and through Los Enamorados Wine Club, where you will also find special promotions. Shipping all over the country.